Production of components and assemblies in composite materials for the aeronautics sector
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AIRTM: the experience of AIRFLO and 2TM

In April 2011, AIRFLO and 2TM merged, creating AIRTM.
We combine the skills and know-how of both companies in wet lamination epoxy composite parts and high-tech composite materials. We offer complementary solutions to customers in the aeronautics, industrial and motor sport sectors.
The company, run by Isabelle and Jacques MONIOT, is established on a 7,000m² site in Issoire. We therefore have workshops suitable for the assembly and integration, and the maintenance and repair of structures in composite materials.
In 2010, we merged with the other REXIAA subsidiaries to form the projected REXIAA Group.



AIRFLO was founded in 1990 in Sainte-Florine in the Auvergne region. The company developed around the control of “wet process” composite materials for the aeronautics and industrial sectors.
For many years, it provided galley refurbishment for wide-bodied aircraft for AIR FRANCE and the production of VIP furniture.
The company also offers the manufacture and bonding of air conditioning and kerosene pipes for the military and commercial aircraft industry.
It also manufactures composite components for Philippe MONIOT “all-carbon” aircraft.



2TM was founded by Jacques MONIOT in Issoire in the Auvergne region in 1988. The company specializes in specific confidential developments for the aeronautics and motor racing sectors.
2TM performs rapid prototyping, development and manufacture of high-performance composite components.

AIRTM - 17 avenue Jean Jaurès 63500 Issoire
Phone : 04 73 54 36 84 / Fax : 04 73 54 02 88
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