Production of components and assemblies in composite materials for the aeronautics sector
Airtm - Materiaux composites pour l'aeronautique   Airtm - Composite materials for aeronautics
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Assembly and integration

AIRTM assembles your composite, metal and hybrid assemblies and sub-assemblies.

We integrate the components and parts produced in-house or within the REXIAA Group.

With 1,500m² of work space, our teams have areas perfectly suited to assembling and integrating your large assemblies.

In a dedicated Part21 zone, we provide the assembly and integration of all the composite parts of the fuselages of certified aircraft in the APM range. ISSOIRE AVIATION, a company in the REXIAA Group, is then responsible for fitting the wings, the embodiment of the engine and the flight element up to delivery to the end customer.


1,500m² workshop specifically designed for assembly and integration.
600m² of painting and vertical suction sanding booths.
Special tools.

AIRTM - 17 avenue Jean Jaurès 63500 Issoire
Phone : 04 73 54 36 84 / Fax : 04 73 54 02 88
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